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Remote Deposit Capture

I am a little bit of a Type A personality.  I love efficiency and organization.  It makes me happy.  I am not a fan of wasting time when at all possible.  There is too much that needs to be done!  Even though sometimes technology can at times seem to make things harder (nothing like a hard drive crash to really rock your world), but in general it can often help streamline and improve processes.  This is the case with our now released Remote Deposit Capture solution.
Remote Deposit Capture is an integrated solution with ACS Contributions.  The end user can scan a batch of checks while applying a default fund code.  Splits can be made on specific checks as well.  The amount of the check is read in at the time of the scan.  There are some checks and balances in place for the details of course!  When the batch is submitted, the money is deposited to the bank while the information flows back to ACS.  The contribution detail is in sync with the contributors in the database and ready for posting.  This saves time on manual data entry as well as physically driving across town to make a deposit at the bank.  With the time that saves you and others, think of everything else you can do!  I love new solutions, especially those that save time!

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