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Right Now a Little Help Would Help

I wish that babies came with a manual. Sure, there are tons of books out there. I love to read and research and have read all the favorites. These books are just guidelines, though. I’m in the mode of being “Babywise”, letting “The Baby Whisperer Solve All My Problems”, and a good many others. You have to read them for the general concepts then find out what works for your child – a lot of trial and it sometimes seems a good bit of error.
Wouldn’t it be great if in the hospital you were given the custom made guide for your baby? It had little details from “hey, I won’t like a pacifier so don’t bother buying and trying every brand in the store”, “I won’t sleep through the night until 6 months no matter what you do so just pace yourself”, or “I’ll be teething on these specific dates”. Even at times specifics to know “I’m going to cry and nothing you do will stop it, but it will end in 30 minutes”. Everything you need for your baby as you go through the different milestones.
Do you ever feel that way with using our ministry solutions? We have a great documentation group that works hard keeping all of our guides and manuals up to date. They have explained all of our features, buttons, and screens. There has even been the recent update to have a wiki.  Documentation is good, but how do you know how to actually  use all the buttons, screens, and features for YOUR church and what YOU are trying to accomplish. That’s where we have our Implementation Department!
It is more than training, it is about using the software at a specific church to fulfill the ministry needs of that organization. This is a team of ministry minded and experienced folks (they have all even worked on church staffs) that work with our clients on rolling out individualized solutions. I’d like to even welcome the newest member of their team, Lesley Baker!
Some of you may  know her from our client enhancement database as a previously vocal ACS client. I mean that in a positive way. Lesley was a user who would let us know what we were doing good and what we could do better, and we loved learning from her. She has also taught some of the classes at our Ideas to Impact Conference as a user. Now she is joining the ACS Technologies team, and we are thrilled!

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