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Seven Steps To Being a Great Dad for Father’s Day

Father’s Day is here again and us dads need to step up our game. Our children’s lives depend on it. We need to be the fathers the Father planned for us to be. To help do this, here are seven steps to being a great dad for Father’s Day.

1) Quantity of time = Quality of time. Spend as much time as possible with your children.  Being there for “big” moments is not enough. Be there for as many “small” moments as possible. Invite them to do things along side of you.

2) Teach them to live. You won’t be around forever. Teach them to work on the car, balance their checkbooks, plan a vacation and, most importantly, live for Jesus. All good teaching follows this pattern.

  • First, watch me do.
  • Then, do with me.
  • Next, I watch you.
  • Then, I set you free.

3) Deliver the best of yourself not the rest of yourself. Design your days around your children. Don’t give them your emotional scraps or your leftover physicality. Don’t be a basic dad. Give them the premium care.

4) Good or bad, you’re dad. Be Dad. Be there for them. Don’t let anyone else fill the calling God gave you. Turn off your phone, ignore your email and be their dad.

5) Forgive like your Father. Your kids will slip and fall. They’ll fail. It’s dad’s job to forgive freely and fully, just as the Father forgave them.

6) Be Strong. Dads protect. Dads lift the heavy things. Dads come through and dads don’t quit. Model strength and courage for your kids to follow. Be the one they run to or they’ll run to someone else.

7) Disciple your children. Don’t leave the spirituality just to mom or the church. Show your kids how to live for Jesus. Teach them to pray, show them how to repent and coach them in studying scripture.

Are there other things you’d like to see added to the list? If so, please leave them in the comment below.

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