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Spring Cleaning AND Giving

It’s time for Spring Cleaning.  This doesn’t just apply to the layer of yellow pollen that has covered my porch and everything outside.  I also use it for a chance to clean out and organize other things, like closets. As a traditional Southern gal, I don’t pull out my white jeans or shoes until AFTER Easter.  I also will typically rotate out my purse after Easter as well.  It’s when I’m trading out purses that I discover the ghost of Christmas past.

No, I didn’t discover a half-eaten sticky candy cane from my children – that was in January.  I had been carrying around a gift card in my purses since Christmas.  I kept thinking I’d have a point in time where I would easily use it.  Circumstances just never presented themselves to make it handy to use.  And we all have them.

It’s a little stack of gift cards in the kitchen drawer, wallet, or purse that we carry around.  Don’t get me wrong for all those generous folks in my life – I do love gift cards and use them.

Yet, sometimes we have ones we don’t get around to cashing in.  Instead of letting them waste away or using them to go out to dinner, I realized I had another option. I could donate them!

iDonate accepts a variety of large things from boats to cars to grain, but they also accept smaller items, such as gift cards.  When their solution is placed on an organization’s website, gift cards is literally one of the options for donating. Once selected, the contributor has the option of a long list of lots of stores and restaurants.  All you have to do is type in the codes on the card.  The organization then receives a monetary donation.  You get the joy of giving AND can further clean out some of the clutter around you.  The gift giver also gave you the ultimate gift – the gift of giving back.

Go for it.  Clean out the closets AND your gift cards.  Think what more they could do than gather dust.


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