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Staying Social

Social Media. The issue with being social is that it takes time. One of the things that was an immediate draw to Facebook, Twitter, and many of the other social media outlets to many folks was how easy it was to be social – with lots of people. All of those college sorority sisters you never get around to emailing were all right there. What about the family that you never get around to calling on Sunday afternoon?

Now, with one quick upload they all see the newest family photos. Everyone was up to date, all at once. Then, things grew.  More and more people started to join the community. It could become a true social commitment just to keep up with your social media!  If someone posts that they have their baby, they are pregnant, or about a move – they assume you know. “We put it on Facebook.”  “I Tweeted You.”

How do you find time to be this social, though?

Constant Contact now has a free offering to help you out.  It’s called Nutshell Mail. Basically, it’s your social media all summed up. You provide your Twitter account, Facebook, etc in an account. Then, you select the days and time frequency you want a Nutshell e-mail. It will then email you a summary of your accounts. So, you can have a quick glance over everything at once, as much as you want. There’s no cost involved, a bonus offering from our Constant Contact partner, so check it out!

While you are thinking Constant Contact and social media, don’t forget to think about ways to connect your campaigns to social media as well.  On your church’s Facebook page (you have one, right?), you can easily add a way for people to join your mailing list.

Also, there is now a way to easily share new Constant Contact emails, for example your newsletter, through your Twitter and Facebook accounts. When you go to send the email, just choose the Social Share option. It is now available so that all your church’s Facebook and Twitter followers can easily see your communication. Maybe they’ll even see it in their Nutshell email!

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