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Stuck in an Email Marketing Rut? Use These Four Ideas to Revive Your Strategy

Ever get the nagging feeling that your email marketing is stuck in a rut?

It’s frustrating, isn’t it?

You want to break free from your routine and try something new. But you’re short on time, you already have a system, and — if you’re being really honest — you’re a little bit afraid.

Because what if your new ideas fall flat?  

Thinking about your emails from your members’ point of view makes things simpler. What are the people in your community interested in? How can you help them stay informed and actively involved in your congregation?

Any changes you make should focus on strengthening relationships with your audience.

Not sure where to start? Here are a few ideas to consider:

1) Spruce up your email design

When was the last time you gave your email design an update? With over half of all emails now opened on a mobile device, your email contacts need messages that are easy to consume quickly and easily — on any screen size.

Start with a mobile-friendly email template. Add your congregation’s name and/or logo at the top so it’s easy for readers to tell your message is coming from you. Then, keep your message concise. Short and sweet messages will be easy for your audience to read all the way through quickly.

2) Embrace a less is more mindset when sending

Are you adding your audience members to one big email list? Why not take the time to think about some of the different groups in your congregation and their different interests?

We recently discovered the number of contacts you send to can affect your email open rate. Sending a targeted email to a smaller group increases the personalization of your message and provides your members with information that’s more relevant to them.

Get the most out of your email contact list with these segmentation techniques.

3) Add video

Videos can be educational, entertaining, easy for your members to consume, and often a nice alternative to written content.

Ask around at your congregation to see if anyone in your community has experience with creating videos. Creating a short video that introduces your congregation could be a great way to highlight your congregation and engage your community.

4) Extend your email’s reach

Are you using social media as well as email to communicate with your community? Don’t forget to make your latest email newsletter available to your social media audience using our Social Share tool. With Social Share you can easily share your latest email on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Don’t forget to add a join my mailing list button to your email, so your social media following can join your mailing list if they haven’t already. You can find step by step instructions here.

Break out of your email marketing rut
It’s never easy to break the mold and try something new. Use these four ideas as inspiration to take your email marketing to the next level and communicate with your members better than ever before.

Remember the most important changes you can make are those that directly benefit your community. If you’re unsure what your members are most interested in, go straight to the source and send out an online survey to find out.

This guest blog was provided by Miranda Paquet of Constant Contact. Amanda believes in the really big impact of really small businesses and is am constantly inspired by Constant Contact’s amazing customers and can’t get enough of their success stories! You can find her on Twitter @mirandapaquet.

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