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Super Bowl Prediction

Sunday is the big game, New Orleans Saints vs. Indianapolis Colts.  So who is going to win?  Each year I like to compare the number of ACS clients in the opposing cities to see if it is an indicator for predicting the winner.  But before we get to the ACS measurement, consider some other comparisons between the two cities.
Places to Eat: Let’s give the advantage to New Orleans.  I have visited Indianapolis and never made it beyond the chain restaurants you find in every city.  On the other hand, New Orleans has a plethora of unique places to dine.  I actually worked on the deal to acquire a New Orleans based church software company Gosnell (EASE was their product) at Commander’s Palace, one of the top ranked restaurants in the country.
Music: Once again the advantage goes to New Orleans.  I am sure the citizens of Indianapolis love their pop-country with Reba and Taylor Swift, but there is nothing like listening to jazz in the French Quarter.  When we had our national convention in New Orleans in 2000, our evening activity was a riverboat cruise with a Jazz Band.  That was special.
Celebrations: Once again advantage New Orleans.  Indianapolis does have the Indy 500 but New Orleans has this little thing call Mardi Gras that has been held for the last 300 years. It was not during Mardi Gras, but I did lead a large group ACS clients (after the convention river cruise) on a walk down Bourbon Street.  I did not know how fast senior church secretaries could move.
ACS Clients: On this one Indianapolis has a big edge. They have 107 churches using ACS products versus only 41 in New Orleans.  There is something to be said for the city with more churches and church- going people.
Final Predication:  I have to go with the New Orleans Saints.  The city just has too much going for it to lose their first ever Super Bowl.  In addition, my daughter, her husband and my new grandson (Baby Jack) live in New Orleans and you can’t pull against family.

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