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Surviving the Summer Slump -Pt 4: 6 Ways to Lead When People Leave in the Summer

“Summer’s lease hath all too short a date.” ~Shakespeare.

“back to life, back to reality” ~Soul II Soul a 90’s dance sensation

The Summer Slump won’t last forever. As the weather cools, the vacations will end and people will settle back in their routines. Your job is to be ready for them the minute reality smacks them in the face.

Here are 6 ways you can lead when people leave in the summer.
Chillax a Bit
Give people breathing room. Expect a percentage of key people to be out, and don’t pressure them to change their plans. People travel, and will be busy.  Relax. Enjoy your summer, and let them enjoy theirs.
Lead a Little
Don’t waste the summer. Leadership isn’t easy, and leaders sacrifice. Factor the Summer Slump into your strategic plan. Focus on only a few growth areas. Less is more, because not much will get done in the summer sun.
Read Something Small
Get a need to read book into people’s hands. Discuss the books with the people and get their reactions online or in person. Pick a small and focused book…not a huge War-and-Peace-sized book. Nobody has time for that. Remember, a portion of Scripture is a great place to start.
Training Trips
Send people to good conferences. Find the lay leaders and staff that have passion and the time. They’ll love you for it. Purchase digital passes to major conferences, and ask your leaders to watch key sessions.
Virtual Gatherings
There are several awesome ways to do this. Use it, and don’t abuse it. Have an agenda. Test the program you’d like to use several times before your meeting. No one wants to waste time messing with technology.
A Little of Everything
Everyone won’t be able to attend all the great summer training you’ve planned, but don’t give up. Provide multiple training opportunities to reach the most people. Use podcasts, blogs, virtual meetings, and videos to get them the training they need.

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