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Taking Your Events to The City

Bringing people together for worship, learning, or fun is what church community is all about. However, a lot of time and effort can go into planning events, organizing resources, and managing attendees. For churches who have already integrated ACS People Suite with The City, reaching out to church members with event information and providing online registration just got easier.

Event Registration in The City

The City is an online extension of your church where people can meet, connect, and provide support to one another. Because it’s powered by members of the church’s community, this ministry is available at all hours, every day of the week, even when church leaders can’t be there to directly assist. The City is also the perfect place to spread news directly to church members about upcoming church events.
Group leaders already have the ability to post event information to members of their City groups. The new Access ACS Event Registration integration takes this a step beyond just making members aware of events. It provides a seamless way for people to view an event in The City and sign up for it using Event Registration in Access ACS, even if they don’t have an Access ACS account.

The City Event Registration in Action

For example, Richard organizes the church’s weekday Bible study, and is responsible for setting up Bible study events in Access ACS. He is also the leader of the Bible study group within The City and communicates online with church members who are a part of this group.
Richard logs into Access ACS and creates the Bible study event just as he normally would. Once this is complete, he copies the Access ACS event web link that is displayed on the event details page.
Richard then logs in to The City and creates an event post in the Bible study group. He selects the option to use an external site for registration, and pastes the Access ACS event web link into The City event creation form. When he posts the event, it becomes visible on the Bible study group’s calendar.
Sandy sees the new event on the group calendar. She views the Bible study’s information, and clicks the Register Now button. This takes her to an Access ACS event registration page, but does not require her to sign in or sign up for an account. In fact, Event Registration recognizes her name and knows who her family members are, since they are connected to her in The City. After she registers for the event, she can return to it later if she needs to add more attendees, change her registration information or cancel her registration for any reason.
In the meantime, Richard can use Access ACS, as he normally would, to view and manage everyone who registers for the Bible study event. Both The City and Access ACS registrations are all in one place!

Getting Started

If your church has both The City and Access ACS, you must first sync ACS People Suite with The City before you can use Event Registration in The City. If you have already synced ACS with The City, you can find more information here about how to set up your City to use Event Registration at your church.

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