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Blog » Your Latest Update on the New Tax Forms

Your Latest Update on the New Tax Forms

This year, there are new tax forms required for the Affordable Care Act (ACA): Forms 1094 and 1095. We’re working hard to make sure you comply with the IRS. Contact your tax adviser to find out what you need.

Here’s an update on the progress we’ve made in your ACS and PDS software…

ACS Financials

In the ACS release, we added features so you can enter health care coverage. We also created a “proof list” so you can check employee health care information and print a copy of this list per employee for their records.

If you downloaded the ACS release, you can print your ACA forms if you prefer not to electronically file them.

PDS Ledger/Payroll

In the Ledger/Payroll 7.6F release, we added the ability to enter health care coverage for your employees and individuals covered under their plan.

If you downloaded the Ledger/Payroll 7.6G release, you can print the proper forms within PDS. The Payroll End of Year process was also updated to print these forms. And we created a “proof list” report so you can quickly verify the health care information you’ve entered.

The Ledger/Payroll 7.6H release includes the ability to electronically file your forms. Check out our blog article and video on that too!

For More Information

Check out our article on ACS Financials and the Affordable Care Act or visit our online Help Center. We’ll be releasing more resources in the coming weeks to keep you updated.

Continue to watch this article and your product’s release notes for updates.

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