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Teamwork Makes the Dream Work: Volunteers

Conduct a Parish Census with PDS Church Office

Staying up-to-date with your key volunteers during the transition “back to normal” from COVID-19:

Churches all across the world are all experiencing the same thing right now; how do we transition back to “normal” and what does the new “normal” even look like? COVID-19 has drastically impacted all of our lives in various ways through our church experience, work experience, and relationships. Staying connected with your key volunteers is VITAL during this time of transitioning back into on-site worship services as well as continuing to provide worship experiences online.

Every church staff member knows Sundays do not run without our volunteers, so Realm® has made it easy and efficient to stay in touch with these important team players. 

Log in to your Realm account and start utilizing the “Volunteer” button on the left side of your screen. This tab makes the initiation and follow-up process with your volunteers extremely easy. Serving Teams and Serving Roles can be created to get started. 

Serving Teams are designed to help create a space for every volunteer at your church. Simply create the team and add the members. Once you’ve completed this step you can send quick and easy communication via email to all members of a specific team, recruit new members to serve, and even create a custom schedule to fit your volunteer’s needs. 

Team members have a specific task with their serving roles. After placing someone in a serving team, assign a role to them which then gives them the opportunity to serve using the gifts God gave them. 

Remember as we transition back into a new “normal” some things may be complicated, but organization and communication with our key volunteers who help make ministry happen don’t have to be. Let Realm do the work for you so you can be sure to continue focusing on building those relationships! 

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