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Blog » The Worst Pastor Appreciation Gifts

The Worst Pastor Appreciation Gifts

There are plenty of lists out there that tell you what to get your pastor for Pastor Appreciation month. Conversely, here’s a list of what not to get.

Because after all, not getting the wrong gift is as important as getting the right one.

The Worst Pastor Appreciation Gifts

The Dog Nativity Set–Why on earth does this even exist? Did someone want to get those poker playing dogs saved? This gift should not be given to anyone on any occasion for any reason. It’s terrible.

Pastor Tile Plaques–Unless this is your pastor’s first or second year, don’t get him one of these. Most pastors have enough of these to tile their kitchen. Plaques are nice the first time you get them. But, it’s hard to display 20 in your office. They are the pastoral equivalent of your toddler’s coloring pages. The first scribble pages are very special, but around the 5,000 mark, they tend to get thrown out. Frankly, there’s not enough room in the attic for everything.

Pastor Appreciation Scripture Card–These are nice also, but what do you do with them? It feels terrible to throw them away. Your pastor has a drawer of these, and one day he or his loved ones will need to get rid of them. Save your money and write a note. It will mean more.

Ceramic Eagle Figurines–Pastors love eagles. They are beautiful creatures tied to some of the bible’s most powerful verses. Nothing can lift a sad heart more than knowing He’ll lift us up on eagle’s wings, but some pastors have too many of these things. Their offices are filled with countless ceramic eagles and it looks like a frozen aviary.  No more eagles please. One is enough. Even if he likes them, just say no.

The Jesus Loves You Sandals–These are weird. It’s a neat concept, but who wants to walk on the name of Jesus. These should have stopped at the idea stage. End the weirdness.

However, if you’ve already made your purchase, remember these two things:

  1. Your pastor loves the gift you gave him because he loves you.
  2. You can do better next year.

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