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To Facebook or not to Facebook…

My life has come full circle.  I hope to have many years to come, so it may happen again :), but I feel it now.
My “thing” growing up was ballet.  I lived it and breathed it.  I took classes, was part of a Company, and was happiest with my pointe shoes on when performing on a stage.  When I hear the strands of music from The Nutcracker at Christmas, it takes me to a different place.
When all the Facebook “talk” started I decided to pass.  What was the point, right?  Plus, when did I have time for that?!  Then, a close friend who lived in another city started sending me pictures.  Pictures at that time that required a Facebook account to see.  If I loved her kid I’d sign up, or something like that.  So I did.  I checked out the kid, and then had a few more friend requests.   A college friend who used to sit beside me in class.  A long lost high school buddy.  It was fun to get a brief update on where they were.  Then, I got my Blackberry.
I’m not someone that really sits doing “nothing” well.  I do best when doing 10 things at once.  So, smart phones are the thing for me.  I can “click”around whenever I am.  So, now when at the doctor’s office, I can peruse everyone’s status.  When waiting for my husband to meet me for lunch, I can find out how my sorority sister’s new baby is napping.  It’s just fun.
I often use my parents to help gauge the new technology I’m working on.  That might make me sound young, them old, or both, but it’s true.  They are both different enough that it gives me some good Baby Boomer perspectives.  On one visit to SC, I got Mom signed up for Facebook.  She was semi-interested.  She soon was calling me wanting to know how to shut it all down.  She felt “violated”.  She didn’t want “everyone to know what I’m doing all the time”.  I tried to explain that you have to share it for them to know, but it was still way out of the comfort zone.
I explained Twitter and Facebook to Dad on another trip.  He was glad to know what that Twitter was, but it did nothing for him.  Facebook intrigued him.  My sister and I were posting pictures of his grandchildren and statuses that he wanted to see.  That looked fun to him!  (He’s a big fan of the mobile photo being emailed as well to be “in the moment”)  Dad was all about signing up but yet very discerning about his friends.  He’s in, though.
I have gone about my merry way making friends and surfing occasionally until recently.  I got a friend suggestion.  It was my long lost ballet teacher.  The woman whom I adored, guided (and yelled) at me to pure joy and perfection.  I spent as many waking hours in the studio with her probably as my parents.  We achieved my dreams together.  She had moved with her husband years ago when I was in college, and at first we had the Christmas card exchange and then lost touch.  She was on Facebook! We are connected again.  Just the thought of it makes me happy.
It makes me sit back and think through this whole thing.  Making connections.  Reaching out.  Feeling at home.  Through all the buttons, ,the statuses, and the photos that is what is about.  So, should your church be on Facebook?  I think so.  Isn’t it supposed to be an important part of being connected and feeling home?

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