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Tools You Need to Disciple New Believers

Understanding Where Your Church Data Comes From

We like to shine a light on the staff, pastors, clergy, and other individuals in your church who generously spend their time to help bring more to the Kingdom. We also like to provide them with the tools needed to disciple new believers.

As you know, ministry is already one of the toughest jobs there is. However, it’s even harder without the right tools.  Let’s take a look at how Realm church management software, the all-in-one tool for ministry, the all-in-one tool for ministry. It can help your pastors and staff better disciple new believers.

Realm Discipleship

Realm was first and foremost built for discipleship; you’ll notice that the moment you log in to Realm for the very first time.  You’ll find a list of all the key initiatives in your church that need to be completed, so everything continues to run smoothly.  Best of all, all the information listed is based on each staff member’s role with your church. For example, if you spend most of your time updating church contributions, you’ll see that information when you log in.  

From personal addresses that need to be completed, contributions that need to be posted, unassigned roles for key serving opportunities, or individuals who’ve been absent from worship services or groups, Realm will quickly serve up the key information you need to know so you can make sure your ministry is on track.

Realm Dashboards

But Realm offers so much more than a to-do list.  Pastors and staff also get direct access to a suite of dashboards designed to help you understand where your ministry has been, what it looks like today, and metrics to help make sense of what your ministry could look like in the future.  You’ll get five dashboards dedicated to different areas of your ministry, including:

The fifth dashboard is an overview of your entire ministry. Things like how many individuals you have in your church, who is or isn’t in groups, and who’s recently attended.  And like all dashboards, you can take action on the information you collect. Like sending emails or adding new people to groups.

This is just a very small taste of what Realm can do to support your pastors and staff. However, what about when they’re on the go or don’t have direct access to a computer?  How can pastors still be connected to your church family without being tethered to your database?

Realm Shepherd

Pastors from all over the country are finding immediate value in Realm Shepherd, the mobile app built specifically for pastors and pastoral care teams.  After a simple download from the iTunes store or the Google Play store, they’re able to use Realm Shepherd to see and connect with anyone in their church.  Pastors have direct access to profiles, discipleship tracks, communication tools to stay in contact, and so much more.

As a pastor or staff member of your church, your job is never done.  However, using these and many more tools found in Realm, you’ll be equipped to shepherd the next generation.  So get the tools you need to disciple new your believers.

David is an Associate Product Marketing Manager and has been an ACS Technologies team member since 2011.  

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