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The Top 8 Best Pastor Appreciation Ideas

October is Pastor Appreciation Month, and here are the top 8 best Pastor Appreciation ideas.

Bring a friend to church—What says “I appreciate my pastor” more than bringing someone new to church? Your pastor would love to see some new faces.

Take him out to lunch—Offer to buy your pastor lunch one day this month. This can free up space in his budget, and give the two of you a chance to catch up. Jesus spent a lot of time eating with people and real ministry often happens around a table.

A dinner with his spouse—Your pastor’s spouse sacrifices time with him all the time. A gift certificate to a local restaurant would mean the world to them.

A Note—Write a note to your pastor. Let him know how God has used him in your life. Pastors don’t always see the fruit of the labor, and nothing encourages them more than to know that the sacrifice they’ve made in ministry is worth the time and effort.

Babysitting—If your pastor has small children, it’s probably tough for him to get away. You might be able to watch his kids, but if you’ve never done it before you should pay for a babysitter he trusts so he and his bride can sneak away for a night or a weekend.

Time with his kids—Your pastor needs time with his lady, but he needs time with his family too. A gift that enables them to spend time together “off the ministry clock” will refresh them and enable them to be more effective as a force for God.

Cash—This may seem shallow, but get real. A simple card with some pocket money can go a long way. Most pastors don’t make a lot and the money they do make they spend on ministry. A few extra dollars can make a big difference.

A picture of your family—Your pastor loves you and your family and a picture can speak a thousand words. Don’t expect him to put it on his desk, but he might. On days when the work is hard, pictures like these can give pastors a second wind.

How do you show your pastor you appreciate him?

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