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The Top Church Tech Trends for 2024

The Top Church Tech Trends for 2022

Everything is moving more digitally and more visually thanks to technology. We understand tech can be difficult to navigate as things are ever changing. But the top church tech trends for 2024 are ways to improve the communicative arm of the church for growth and connection. See below for what this means for your ministry and how to best capitalize on these church trends.

Embracing Data

Data is unquestionably the number one asset. For church, faith-based and nonprofit leaders you want to bridge the gap and build a deeper connection between data and actionable information. You can do this by answering the “where” and “what about” questions for your organization and community. When it’s scattered, disorganized and cluttered, you miss opportunities to reach more people. But embracing data as one of the church tech trends means you have a powerful tool in your toolbox. It also means you have to prioritize how data is managed and maintained. If you do it right, you focus your team and accelerate your impact. 

→ Some of the ways you can use data in your church are to:
  1. Better understand your community
  2. Research trends
  3. Make informed decisions 
  4. Strategically serve 
  5. Sustain ministry growth

Ensuring Cybersafety

Cybersafety is imperative for the church to embrace. The biggest threat to your church is not something you likely think about often. You’re consumed with managing operations, enabling ministries, strategizing for the future, and helping people. However, data (the number one asset, as mentioned above) threats continue increasing, so it’s important you bring security to the forefront and safeguard all avenues into your church or office. LHN reports that, “In today’s age, no organization is safe from cyber attacks or security breaches. This is why church leaders are turning to technology to combat the threat of cyber hacks, identity theft, viruses, phishing and other violations against their church infrastructure as well as cyber threats to church members.” 

What to look for in your church and diocese offices to operate safely, confidently and effectively: 
  1. Security
  2. Stability
  3. Dependability
  4. Scalability
  5. Support

Having a Mobile App Strategy

Mobile Apps are almost at the top of our list of the best ways to stay engaged and connected with your people. The rolling out of 5G means that The Church’s virtual and personal impact almost has no bounds as it’s 100 times the speed of what we knew. This matters because the handheld device that most of your congregants- along with those in your community that you need to reach- is your gateway to connection. Communication is essential for developing community. And now more than ever, online and mobile communication is the linchpin for creating community and engagement in today’s fast-paced culture. Bring people together even if they are apart. This is the power of technology and church growth.

Having a mobile app strategy for your church is a good idea because it
  1. Creates community
  2. Connects like never before 
  3. Shares life in between Sundays
  4. Keeps people in the loop with announcements etc.
  5. Posts events & RSVP
  6. Encourages personal giving (more on that below)
  7. Manages volunteers
  8. Segments groups
  9. Share services and sermon notes
  10. The list actually goes on and on… 

Online and Electric Giving Options

Online/Electronic giving is a tech tool for people to make their giving more consistent. And, According to Balancing Everything, “Churches that accept online tithing record a 32% increase in donations.” Remember, people give to vision more than they give to charity. Why? Because there is no shortage of charitable causes, but a truly inspiring vision is rare. Ideally, a church will have a charitable vision, so the two go hand-in-hand. It’s important that you, as a church leader, help people see what is possible if they allocate their resources towards the Lord’s work.

You have to let people conduct transactions in whatever way they most prefer. Of the church growth trends, this means providing every option available, front and center, every time you talk about giving. Your church must have an online giving platform – and financial management tools – to give your donors confidence in your ability to process and handle their giving. 

Make it easier and consistent by providing them with the convenience of e-giving in these 3 ways:
  1. Online – studies show that integrating an eGiving and communication platform with a ChMS increases engagement and inspires people to give more often. You should have the option on your website to receive gifts when it’s convenient for donors by including a secure portal that collects payments digitally.
  2. Mobile app – once a donation is made, supply the option for them to open the app to review their total giving year-to-date or check if their recent gift has been processed. People also need the option to set up recurring gifts, create new pledges, and track progress toward their pledge goals. It’s a new way for your church family to manage their giving from the convenience of their mobile phone.
  3. Text to give makes it super easy for anyone to give immediate donations. Of the known tech church trends 2024, this one may only become more popular as it’s completely quick and simple. Donors text your church’s unique keyword and amount to the giving number provided and then confirm their gift.

Take heart and don’t be overwhelmed. Gutenberg and Tyndale embraced the medium of their day. And that seemed to work out pretty well for the Church. Now we need to utilize the church technology ideas of our day to do more real ministry.

Dean is ACS Technologies’  VP of Corporate Operations.  He is responsible for Information Technology and all campus facilities.  Born and raised in South Carolina, he has a bachelor’s degree in Computer Information Systems Management. He serves on the board and in leadership for a few local non-profit organizations.  His passions include helping others succeed.

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