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Virtually Pastoring Your Congregation

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Doing church has changed dramatically in 2020, hasn’t it?  Instead of the church connecting with the congregation during worship services, they’re spreading His word through virtual services online.  Rather than small groups meeting on a Monday evening, they’re connecting through video chats or other online services.  Certainly, it’s not an ideal situation. Nonetheless, many churches are finding ways to adapt in this new season of doing church in a virtual world.  

However, when it comes to pastors shepherding their congregation in meaningful ways, it’s as if they’ve been left out.  Some use apps for pastoral care. But most apps don’t connect to their church’s database, forcing pastors to use multiple tools to complete a single task.  In today’s world of virtual connection, what tools do pastors have to better understand the life of each person in their flock without the ability to connect on a personal level?

Pastors that use Realm®, including the Realm Shepherd app, have found they can still connect with their congregation regardless of where they are.  Let’s take a look at home Realm and the Realm Shepherd app are helping them do that.  

Everyone in your congregation, at your fingertips

The Realm Shepherd app, which is built specifically for pastors and pastoral care teams, allows them to instantly find each person in their congregation.  Pastors choose an individual which opens their profile information.  They can even see other members of their family so they’re always aware of how their congregation is connected with one another.

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Walk alongside your congregation

Knowing where every congregant is in their walk with your church – and their faith – is a critical aspect of pastoral care.  Not only that, but it can also be very challenging when pastors don’t have the right tools.  However, the Realm Shepherd app provides pastors with each congregant’s journey in your church.  From groups they participate in, any recorded sacraments or ordinances, and any discipleship tracks they’re a part of, the Realm Shepherd app helps guide pastors to better understand each individual in their congregation.  

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Stay connected, no matter what

This season may have forced pastors to physically separate from the congregation, but as we move forward, it seems that virtual connection – at least in part – is the new normal of pastoral care.  The Realm Shepherd app enables pastors to communicate with any individual in their church directly through chats in the app.  Congregants simply download the Realm Connect app, the app built specifically for your congregation, and respond to their pastors.  Plus, there’s no added hassle of saving contact information into a mobile device; pastors can also call, email, or text anyone in the church directly from the Realm Shepherd app.

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Manage pastoral notes

As pastors connect with individuals in the congregation, it’s important they have a place to record those important interactions.  With the Realm Shepherd app, pastors or pastoral care teams simply log those conversations in pastoral notes.  Realm Shepherd’s pastoral notes are completely confidential, so they’re only accessed by the pastors or other staff that have the ability to see it.

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It’s well-known that a pastor’s job is never done.  This is especially true as the church finds its way through this season of change.  However, with all the tools offered in the Realm Shepherd app, pastors are in a great position to continue shepherding their congregation through this virtual world and beyond.

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