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Blog » Virtually Staying in Touch With New & Existing Congregants

Virtually Staying in Touch With New & Existing Congregants

Mobile Check-in

Like most churches across the country, you’ve probably been disconnected from your congregation for what seems like an eternity.  However, as each day goes by, our churches and neighborhoods feel less like ghost towns and more like the vibrant, enthusiastic communities we remember.  As we all slowly integrate ourselves back into society – and thus our church – having the right communication tools are crucial when it comes to reestablishing those all-important connections with your congregation.

Churches that are using Realm as their main church communication tool are already beginning to see the benefits of a connected church as they plan to reopen.  Let’s check out what these churches are doing and what your church can do as well.

Reconnect with your congregation

Communicating with a diverse congregation can be difficult no matter what’s happening, and that is especially true as you begin to think of ways of reopening your church to your congregation.  However, churches that have adopted Realm as their communication platform are finding this process is much easier when their congregation is already connected.  Using Realm’s built-in communication tools, church leaders can keep their congregation informed about upcoming changes regarding reopening procedures through the newsfeed.  Everyone in the church will be notified based on their specific preferences so leaders don’t have to worry about members getting lost in the shuffle of reopening. 


Reignite your small groups

Like so many churches, it’s understandable if you haven’t put the same effort into small groups in recent weeks as you may have previously. Congregants and church leaders alike have been focusing on other aspects of the church, and life in general.  However, now is the time for group leaders to engage their small groups as you begin to plan to reopen.  Churches using Realm can empower their group leaders to communicate with group members through the Realm church Connect mobile app.  Group leaders can use Realm to easily connect with their members through posts specifically in their groups.  They can even text or call specific individuals in the group, especially those who have been completely disconnected from the church.  


Rekindle relationships

As you prepare to open your doors and connect with your congregation again in person, it’s vital that you don’t forget those who visited in recent months or were new to your church before you temporarily shut your doors.  Using Realm, staff can easily see your new visitors from earlier this year so you can communicate with them on a more personal level.  It’s just another way Realm can help you better connect with everyone in your congregation today as well as in the future. 


The COVID-19 pandemic has forever changed the way we do church.  Though your church is continuing to find its way in this new reality, Realm can help you reconnect with your congregation and build relationships with returning visitors.  Let ACS Technologies know how we can help your ministry today! 

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