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Webmastering – A New Beginning…

I must say that the best part of my job is making sure that our Extend clients are more than happy with their website.
Over the past few months we’ve started a new beta service for our Extend clients that don’t have the time, skills, or personnel to build or maintain their website. If you’re like me, you wear many hats in your job. A new task, new project, or even finding the time to learn some new software can cause a critical bottle neck. Often times other projects or tasks may go unnoticed or even undone.
The new beta Webmastering service is designed to allow our clients to have an updated site without the hassle of trying to add more hats to their hat rack. Over the past few months I’ve worked with a select few exceptional clients as their acting webmaster. Some of the clients that we’re helping are new to Extend and others are existing clients that just need an extra hand or eye to maintain their site.
As our list of clients using this service continues to grow, I look forward to seeing our clients and sites sparkle.  Below is a list of sites that I’ve helped. I hope they don’t mind me sharing/showing off some of my work that excites me the most.
If you or your organization are interested in more details about this new Webmastering service, please feel free to contact us. We’ll be glad to discuss the details with you.

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