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What to Tell the Pastor

Last week I was able to attend the annual conference for the Southern Baptist Denomination in New Orleans. I enjoy spending time in the “booth” at meetings like this. You get a steady stream of people to talk with, many of which are current clients. The attendees for this meeting in New Orleans were mostly pastors. So the conversation would typically start with “we use ACS, but I know very little about it. Mary does all the work….” You usually then move to a high level discussion about the newer products and services and I was continuously amazed at what pastors did not know about our offerings. It got me wondering … Is there some type of staff-level conspiracy to limit what the pastor knows? 🙂
One tool that I think every pastor should know about is the Church Life App. From their phone or iPad they can easily look up names from the ACS database. The majority of pastors I spoke to were unaware of this useful tool. For several we were able to help them load the app on their phone right there in the booth.
Do your pastor and staff have this app? If not, check it out and always have your ACS data with you.

2 thoughts on “What to Tell the Pastor”

  1. Avatar for Linda McKeirnan

    Having been the database manager and now the Church Business Administrator I had to laugh at your comment about a conspiracy. Before the days of Access ACS and Church Life, I will confess to being part of the “conspiracy”. The pastors would mess up the database if you allowed them to do anything other than view.
    Today though, I don’t think our staff could survive without Churchlife. Anytime i have the opportunity I show them ChurchLife if they have Access ACS.

  2. Avatar for Tracy

    We told our Pastors about the app once we returned from conference. The very first question asked after downloading the app was, can we see member status? We think this would be a great addition to the app.

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