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What’s In a Name?

There’s a million ways to say it…
“Sunday school,” “Bible studies,” “small groups,” “core groups,” “cell groups,” “life groups,” “home groups,” “connecting points,” and the list goes on from there!
All of these have the same thing in mind: to foster community and spiritual growth.
Many churches have embraced the idea that this doesn’t have to happen at the church building. This is actually nothing new for the Christian church, seeing that early Christians met “underground” and in private homes.
Today we see a variety of settings… homes, coffee shops, offices, gyms, even bars and night clubs! This is great to see because it emphasizes the New Testament definition of what a “church” is supposed to be: people, not a building.
Here at ACS Technologies, we want to encourage small group growth in any way possible, no matter where you meet or whatever you call it! We recommend using good tools and resources like Access ACS. What can it do for your church’s small groups?
– Staff can track members from initial point of interest all the way through connection or assignment into a group
– Group leaders can view rosters of people in their groups, send out communications and quickly update member records; plus mark attendance and inactive members
– Members and prospects can go online and search for the groups that interest them, find out more about them, and even request to join
– Group members can access contact information, communicate with each other, and view group calendars
– You can update personal records and photos, view group and church directories, and share with others
The more organized you are with your small groups, the more participation you’ll see! This means more deeply rooted believers that are engaged and growing together.
And for those of you that lead a small group, we want to see it in action!
We’re giving away a $30 Starbucks card and all you have to do to enter is:
– Post a pic on Twitter of your Bible study (make sure to “reply” to @ACSTech). Please mention the name of your group and what church/city it’s from.
– Post a pic on our Facebook page of your Bible study. Please mention the name of your group and what church/city it’s from.

Have fun and be creative! We’ll pick a winner on Monday, February 7th.

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