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Why Is Data Backup Crucial?

data backup

Protect Your Church’s Data with a Data Backup Plan

Every day we are reminded of how unpredictable life is. We often have plans to protect our physical property in case of a natural disaster like a hurricane, fire, or flood, but we often don’t think about our electronic data. It is so important to have a plan in place to keep your electronic data safe. Here are a few tips to protect your data:

  • Backup your data: If a natural disaster occurs, you want to have a copy of all your data. Manually entering data that was lost would take so much time, and that’s the last thing you would want to deal with if there was a disaster. Daily backups are the best solution, but you should at least have weekly ones. Re-entering a week’s worth of data is much more manageable than a month or years. 
  • Make multiple backups: You can never have too many backups—store backups in various drives like a cloud-based drive and a flash drive. You can also hire a vendor that offers cloud services that will host and backup your data. This may especially appeal to organizations without an IT person on staff.
  • Store some of your backups offsite: If something happens to your office and both your computer and backup drive are stored there, you will lose everything. We don’t always anticipate and prepare for fires, floods, or earthquakes, but they happen. If your data is onsite and you can’t get to it, it does you no good.

There are so many options available to make sure your electronic data is safe. Come up with a plan for your church, and make sure you stick to it. Your electronic data is vital to so many aspects of your church. Don’t find out just how crucial it is by losing it.

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