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COVID-19’s Impact on

U.S. Episcopal Church Giving

Have you wondered how your church-giving experience since March 2020 compares with other U.S. Episcopal churches?

Now you can know for sure…

ACS Technologies, Villanova School of Business’s Center for Church Management, and Wheaton College have partnered together to examine the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on U.S. Episcopal church giving. The report surveyed over almost 900 Episcopal churches and highlighted several significant giving trends.

Some findings

  • Donations have partially recovered but are still below pre-pandemic giving levels.
  • Currently, there are 11% fewer donors compared to pre-pandemic numbers.
  • 46% of Episcopal churches experienced an increase in giving since March 2020
  • But what’s the real story behind these numbers?

Download the Study of COVID-19 Impact on U.S. Episcopal Church Giving Study Today



Generosity and its overall decline, its need for communication, and its important stewardship role are one of the acute issues facing the church today.

To help your church in this area, here are some key resources:

For over 43 years, ACS Technologies has been helping churches address and overcome the obstacles they face as they strive to Build the Kingdom. Staff administration was first. Then broader community engagement. Today we’re helping with the urgent issue of cultural intelligence. People have left the church, there is a decline in generosity, and generational attitudes toward the church differ immensely. 

Our expertise through understanding the data and in-depth research is revealing and empowering to churches of all sizes who want to validate their efforts today to secure their promise of tomorrow. We walk alongside you. Enabling everyone in your church with a personalized ministry environment of tools, support, and expertise so they can make actionable ministry decisions. This whole church approach focused on each role within each ministry goal is powerfully unique and eternally invaluable.