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Employee Retention Credit
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ACS Technologies Group, Inc. (“ACST”) is pleased to introduce our customers to James B. Jordan CPA, LLC (“JBJ”) for an opportunity to take advantage of the Federal Government’s Employee Retention Credit (“ERC”) program. 

If your organization was able to retain your W2 employees during the COVID pandemic, you may be eligible to recover payroll in the form of a refund from the IRS for 2020 and 2021.

Ready to Learn More?

Reach out to James B. Jordan CPA, LLC today, to learn more about the ERC filing process.

About James B. Jordan CPA, LLC

James B. Jordan CPA, CFE, CGMA, CVA is the managing member of the nationwide CPA firm, James B. Jordan CPA, LLC. With a sole focus on serving churches and their denominational organizations, his firm brings unparalleled expertise and dedication to ministries. Prior to establishing his firm, James B. Jordan served as the global practice leader for prestigious companies such as IBM and Accenture, adding a wealth of experience and knowledge to their services.

JBJ has had a long-standing relationship with ACST since its inception in 1978 and has been a frequent speaker at our conferences for the last two decades. Because of our relationship, JBJ  is offering eligible ACST customers with a very competitive rate for ERC filing.

About the Employee Retention Credit

The ERC allows eligible entities to recover a portion of their payroll expenses from the IRS –  up to $26,000 per employee. The ERC is an opportunity to recoup financial resources that could be invested back into your ministry’s mission.

The process of reviewing, amending, and filing quarterly IRS Form 941s for both 2020 and 2021 is complex and requires accurate calculations for each employee.

Why should you engage with James B. Jordan CPA, LLC?

Proven expertise – JBJ has comprehensive knowledge of ERC regulations and IRS procedures, and is  well-equipped to handle the complexities of ERC filing.

Complies with American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (“AICPA”) standards –these are the highest professional standards for a CPA firm to meet.

Exclusive focus on churches and their denominational organizations – JBJ  brings unparalleled expertise and experience in filing ERC credits on behalf of faith-based non-profit organizations.

No Obligation, No Risk.

If your organization does not qualify for the ERC or if you decide not to file for the credit, there is no obligation to proceed with this service. JBJ will assess the amount of refund you could receive at no charge.

Disclosure & Disclaimers 

ACS Technologies Group, Inc. (“ACST”) chooses to provide access to this service that we believe aligns with our own products and/or services. ACST may receive financial compensation or other payment as a result of your use of this service. 

ACST bears no responsibility for the accuracy or completeness of content or services you may receive from James B. Jordan CPA, LLC (“JBJ”). In addition, any relationship established between you and JBJ is solely between you and JBJ. ACST is not responsible or liable for any loss or damage incurred as a result of any such relationship and you understand that your use of JBJ’s services and your interactions with JBJ is at your discretion.