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There are lots of people in your
community who need you.

We can help you find them.

They’re called the unchurched… the de-churched… the disengaged.  They live right there in your neighborhood.  But they don’t come to church.  How do you reach them?

They’re not irreverent.
They just think church is irrelevant.

Often people don’t disagree with the life-giving message of Christianity.  They just believe their local church is not pertinent to their lives.  ACST can help you become culturally in tune again.  

We can help you learn:


Where the new people in your community live.


Key attitudes, objections, and motivations in your neighborhood.


Why people left.  But more importantly, how to bring them back.


How to reach the younger generations.


What needs your neighbors have, and how you can serve them better.


How to match them with the ministry they want.


New ways to invite them.


How to Improve communications.


Next steps and follow-up. For optimum assimilation!

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We can help you find
more people to serve.