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Learn New Things
To Reach New People

Newness is a God thing.

He has always been up to something new for his people. A new plan, a new covenant, a new age, a new Kingdom, and of course, new life. And now, you find yourself entering into a new year and a new season of ministry. So why not add some new ministry tips to your approach so you can reach new people?

19 ministry tips to reach new people
Just some of the things you’ll learn in this guide include how to:
  • Say more of what matters
  • Fire someone
  • Make things easier
  • Reframe your vision
  • Simplify structures
  • Get more money
  • Plus 13 more!
It happens every year. More people will visit your church in the first few months of the year than just about any other time. You have until Memorial Day to get them plugged in. Be ready for the growth God will give your church by mastering these 19 tips.

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