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Everything You Need to Connect with Congregants

Everything You Need
To Connect With Congregants

A Toolkit with Pre-made Content to Plug and Play

People have less and less time to connect. Which means they need it even more. Your team has less and less time to reach out. Which means we’ve made it easy. 

This free toolkit has been created to provide church leaders, staff, and volunteers with copy-and-paste content that will save time while still allowing you to make meaningful connections. 

Everything You Need to Connect with Congregants Guide

The content provided in this toolkit is designed to be used as-is, with slight customization opportunities to make it authentic. Just edit what’s unique to you and send it out. 

  • More than 55 messages you can use today! 
  • Covering the most important areas of ministry. 
  • Helping church members help with connection.
  • Empowering staff and saving tons of time! 


Our goal in creating this toolkit is to make it easier for church leaders to engage staff and volunteers in the connection process by providing them the tools they need to reach out to others with confidence. We’ve broken out the content into sections, so you know exactly what to use and when.

Just fill out this form, and we’ll send you a free copy.