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Fight for Simplicity as Your Church Grows

Fight For Simplicity As Your Church Grows

Growth is exciting. More people show up, which means more people are reached. 

Having more people involved means complexity creeps in. No one wants this to happen; it’s a byproduct of growth. Without diagnosing this problem, it festers. Ultimately, confusion and complexity reign, making it harder to grow a stronger church. 

Thankfully, after working with tens of thousands of churches, we’ve seen other paths. 

Our latest resource, Fighting for Simplicity as Your Church Grows, shows a path you and your team can follow. 

In this guide, you discover:

  • The symptoms of complexity
  • How most churches get this process wrong
  • Practical ways to introduce simplicity
Fight for Simplicity as Your Church Grows guide

Learn simple, repeatable ways today to eliminate complexity and be a model of simplicity. 

  • Imagine no one being confused about all your church does. 
  • Imagine knowing what your church should and shouldn’t do because you’re focused. 
  • Imagine more people getting involved because it’s easier to engage. 


These are just some of the things that happen when you fight for simplicity.

Download the free guide today and discover the path other churches already know.