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Keeping Your Children's Ministry
Secure Through Check-In

Jesus loves the little children.
Are you keeping them safe?

When most churchgoers think about child check-in, they envision long lines and cumbersome sign-up forms. Rarely does the thought of security at the check-in station come to mind.

But, if you want to keep your kid’s ministry secure, an effective check-in system is crucial.

A good check-in system allows parents to be matched with their kids so no one else can pick them up. It should make critical information like allergies and medical needs clearly visible. And, as an added bonus, it can also help clear up those pesky lines and sign-in sheets.

Realm, a new approach to church management software, does that and so much more, facilitating check-in and aligning family records as part of a complete solution.

keeping your children's ministry secure through check-in

Our free guide will show you how, with Realm’s help, you can:

  • Implement a custom, simple system to meet the specific needs of your church
  • Create two-part labels to match parents with kids for secure pickup
  • Speed up check-in processes with parent or staff-assisted kiosks
  • Use check-in systems for adults, too – groups, teams, and events
  • Track attendance and church participation with robust reports
  • Keep the future of the church safe and sound

There is no place where it is more clear that the children are the future than in the church. The next generation of leaders, pastors, teachers, and apostles counts on you to provide a safe and secure place where they can develop their faith.

Download our free guide to see how Realm Check-In keeps your children's ministry secure this holiday season, and year-round.