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Making Mission Trips
More Meaningful

More than a trip

Short-term mission trips give people the opportunity to travel to an unfamiliar place for just a week or two, participate in the work of the Lord and adopt a missional lifestyle that can ultimately enhance the spiritual climate of the church back home.

We’re called to missions. We’re called to reach here, near, and far. So it shouldn’t be the fringe group of travelers with wanderlust who end up secluded on a mission trip nobody even knows about.

Missions should be shared, celebrated, and supported by the entire Church. But more, the church should benefit from the great impact that missions have on the lives of people here and abroad.

If you want your church to catch fire with passion and to support the work of ministry in a way you’ve never before seen, get them on mission…whether they ever leave the country or not.

This free guide will show you how to make the most of missions so you can maximize the impact.

making mission trips meaningful for your entire church

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