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Overcoming Division
At Your Church

It’s no secret that society is hyper-divided.

Unfortunately, instead of the church bringing unity to the world, the world is bringing division into the church.

You have an opportunity to reverse the disunity in this world by first unifying your church.

overcoming division with discussion

This free guide will give new approaches to establish unity: 

  • Check your motive to make sure it’s pure
  • Establish trust before moving forward
  • Listen first so you can gain understanding
  • Ask questions before asserting opinions
  • Stick to your guns when you know they’re good
  • Offer a little wiggle room in the form of grace
  • Expand the timeline so you don’t rush resolution
  • Don’t play God by becoming a judge
  • In all things, love well

Lead the way in your community and discover the personal and church-wide peace that comes with being unified in Christ.

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