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Use the summer to
grow your church

Summer. It’s a time for youth camps, kids activities, and other unique moments for your church—if people show up, that is. Because the summer months also bring the dreaded “summer slump,” that predictable decline in attendance and giving. 

Your schedule and responsibilities don’t slump, though. You’re still responsible for reaching your community, making disciples, and leading well. How do you get it all done? That’s what this guide shows you: the path to reaching more people and getting more done this summer.

This isn’t unproven theory or pie in the sky thinking. These insights come from real churches led by leaders just like you. 

In this guide, you discover:

  • The power of specificity in reaching more people
  • Why giving people a way to respond engages them more
  • How delegating responsibility is the key to making more disciples
  • How organizing groups is the path to greater engagement
  • How to increase giving and avoid the summer slump
  • Technology so you can work from anywhere, empower your staff, and engage your congregation
Pastors: get more people engaged and get more done

Imagine if this were your summer:

  • More people reached than ever before
  • Giving that stayed consistent or maybe even grew
  • More people who felt connected because they were reached in groups
  • Less stress, more done, and real growth happening in your staff and community


This guide shows you how this becomes reality. Download it today and see for yourself.

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