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IT is used across your organization, and the systems used vary from church to church. In order to provide the most beneficial consulting, the first step is to understand all the systems you’re using and what agreements are in place for your IT infrastructure. This will guide our recommendation of changes or additions to your environment. 

Next, we’ll gather information about the security of your systems and devices, including any policies in place, what security software you’re using, and any processes in place to secure users. This will help us identify any vulnerabilities in your current network of systems and determine if additional measures are needed.


Based on your assessment, Higher Ground Managed IT will build a custom plan, including suggested hardware and software selected to meet the needs of your church, optimize performance, and provide the utmost security for your systems.


Higher Ground Managed IT will manage or guide the purchase and installation of new systems and perform any updates necessary to your existing ones.


Higher Ground will provide support throughout the entire consulting process, and if necessary, remote into your environment to diagnose and resolve any issues.