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This stuff wasn’t taught in seminary.

Leadership development, software training, and lasting relationships.

Connect with our network of ministry leaders and accelerate your team’s impact.

No one is ever “done” in ministry work; instead, it’s a journey. It’s an ongoing process to learn more, expand your wisdom, grow your impact to better the lives of those around you.

Learn best practices from churches like yours from all across North America!

Our events bring together ministry veterans, industry experts, and software pros who share their top methodologies, practical insights, and encouraging guidance. We can’t wait to see what great things you and your team will do with all you’ll learn. 

Great events go beyond just content. They also involve the people in the room. Connect with other leaders in your area of ministry. Maybe they’ve been in similar situations as you, or maybe you can encourage them along their way. Whatever the case, feel rejuvenated and refreshed by the relationships you build.

There’s a lot involved with leading ministry: Hiring Budgets Finance Operations Software Missions Discipleship

Get insights to all of these and more at our next event.