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Monthly access to comprehensive resources designed to empower your ministry.

Equip your team with insightful tools so you can make data-informed decisions about the communities you serve. Boost your skills with in-depth learning experiences so that you can feel confident venturing into any new initiative. Empower your entire team and renew your ministry’s focus. Become the servant leaders that God created you to be.

Start learning with your Staff Pass™ today.

Give your entire staff access to an all-inclusive library of real-world resources that’ll help break through any barrier. Make sure that everyone on your team has the opportunity to learn. No fluff, no gimmicks. Just time-tested principles, best practices and innovative tools that you can implement now in order to lead and serve others well into the future.


Start Simple
Free with Realm® account
  • Topically relevant on-demand courses
  • Basic level instruction
  • Role-based curriculum
  • 2-4 live webinars per month
  • Educate your entire ministry team
  • Accessible from inside Realm®


Gain Expertise
10 % added to Realm® monthly
  • Exposure to best practices and insightful strategies.
  • Great for onboarding new employees
  • 10-12 live webinars per month
  • Reduce risk across all ministry areas
  • Assign content and report on your ministry’s activity
  • Access to exclusive virtual training schools (Bootcamps)
  • Accessible from inside Realm®
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Get It All
15 % added to Realm® monthly
  • Master every aspect of ministry.
  • Basic & Advanced instruction
  • Exclusive Content
  • Unique Personal Opportunities
  • Acquire & Apply Ministry Expertise
  • Accessible from inside Realm®
Starter is already included with all Realm subscriptions. Just ask your Realm account admin to turn on Pro.

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All access pass for you and your entire staff. Grow deeper and harness your impact.


Common Questions

Staff—in this context—includes anyone on your Realm account who is assigned the Staff user role. That could be your paid employees, volunteers, lay leaders, or anyone else assigned that role.

A Starter Staff Pass™ is included with your Realm subscription and offers classes and learning paths to help you learn about Realm. A Pro Staff Pass™ includes live, interactive webinars and on-demand recordings about how to get the most out of Realm, but it also includes ministry-enablement content such as risk prevention and best practices for your church.

No. When you sign in to Realm and click the MinistrySmart icon, your credentials will automatically be passed through

The answer is no, but we do provide a Pro Preview of our Pro Courses. Those are served up in their catalog. Those previews include "some" content inside of the course/webinar, but they'll have to get a Pro Staff Pass to get the entire course.

10-12 webinars and new courses added monthly. We could also link them to the "Ministry Roadmap" page to find out what has recently released and upcoming webinars.

New content will be highlighted on the landing page in MinistrySmart.

We offer a multitude of training options, both onsite or virtual. Please give us a call, and we'd be happy to explore the best options for you.