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Ministry Mentors

Tackle your biggest challenges with a trusted expert.

Personalized coaching by ministry mentors that are ready to help bring your church’s vision to life. Because you were made for this work, and we’ll get there, together.


Ministry moves at a relentless pace.

From day to day and week to week, things can change quickly. As you constantly shift from urgent decisions to long-range planning, you may feel like you’re moving through a fog. You’re already surrounded by great people. But in the midst of the chaos, you and your staff can see tremendous growth by working with a trusted expert. We’re here to help.

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Get help from those who’ve done it before.

This isn’t just anyone; it’s someone who understands the realities of ministry. They know what it’s like to make tough staff decisions, navigate exhausting budget meetings, and pursue new opportunities for your big vision. And they know how to mix your people, your passion, and your strengths to unlock the path towards long-lasting ministry impact. Our one-on-one coaching and training is designed specifically for your unique needs.

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Whichever ChMS you use, we can help.

Access experience and strategies that can be used to take on any challenge.

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