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Agency Administrator User Update

We’re now excited to announce that Neighbor Center will be available to all MissionInsite Agency Administrators at no additional cost.

Neighbor Center is the latest and most impactful ministry data that provides individual household information on the mapping platform. Neighbor Center will greatly improve insight when targeting new ministry programs, finding missional opportunities, and so much more.

If you need additional information or assistance, please call us at 1-877-230-3212.

If you are the current Agency Administrator, please fill out the form below to update your information and learn how to activate Neighbor Center.

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Due to our license restrictions, Neighbor Center data may not be used for any direct contact with these households for marketing purposes such as direct marketing mailings, or personal visitations unless the selected list is downloaded and purchased separately.  Any direct marketing effort using this information without purchase of the selected list is a violation of this license agreement and will result in termination of the agreement.