ACS + The City

ACS + The City

Build a Strong Sense of Community

Better Together—ACS and The City are a perfect combination. ACS covers the administrative side while The City improves how you connect with people and get them more involved.

The City gives churches a modern way to keep their congregation more involved in what they're doing. It's a church-only online community that offers everything from small group management to sharing prayer requests with people you know. Members can instantly log in from their browser or mobile app to communicate with each other, find opportunities to serve, and discover new ways to be a blessing to each other. The City is built upon your data in ACS and keeps everything in sync.

Your staff will love it.

The City makes your staff more effective at what they do. Everyday tasks become more meaningful and rewarding, while personal interactions offer more insight into the true vibe of your church.

  • Connect with people on a more personal level.
  • Assimilate newcomers more effectively and get them involved quicker.
  • Equip more people to reach more people.
  • Send messages to people and groups throughout the week.
  • Keep your church small, no matter what size it is.
  • Never miss another opportunity to share real life with someone.

"I can't say enough great things about the City! I love how it's enabled us to grow our team, improve communication as we're a church which gathers from a larger geographical area (3 towns and a number of villages) , and it's been an amazing way for new people to get a glimpse of the community within Hope Church.”

— Kenny Baird, Lead Pastor of Hope Church

It's designed to engage your congregation.

The City facilitates communication, connects people together, and engages them in ministry. It enables people in your church to take ownership of their involvement. They can join groups, connect with others, update their own profile, give online, or find new ways to do ministry together.

  • Post messages for groups or individuals
  • View upcoming events and register online
  • Browse activity updates and latest news
  • Give online and review giving history
  • Create or join groups
  • Manage your family’s profile and contact info
  • Find opportunities to serve
  • Share prayer requests
  • Share photos of church events
  • Post employment opportunities for the unemployed
  • Publish housing and personal needs to enlist help
  • Read the Bible online and keep a personal journal

"We've seen increased participation across the board and I think the City reinforces. It also increases communication and folks can see how their small ministries fit in the larger context.”

— Jeremy Carr, Lead Pastor at The Well

It can do a lot for your ministry.

The City helps individuals connect and form meaningful relationships with people in your church. It taps into familiar social technology habits to keep your church in touch throughout the week. It's a fantastic way to share life together and respond to needs within the local community. Best of all, it’s online and available whenever you are.

Communication is healthy

Tap into a unified, community platform that enables all the groups and individuals within your church to communicate freely, anytime and anywhere.

  • Simple targeting of communication so messages go to just the right people, every time.
  • Personal profiles that make it easy to recruit just the right people to meet specific needs.
  • Email integration that lets people read and respond to messages directly from email, without having to log in.
  • Easy sharing through external websites, Facebook, or Twitter.
  • Integrated chat functionality makes it easy for you to communicate instantly to any of your friends who are logged in.
  • Personalized channels let people only see communication that is connected to the communities, networks, ministries, and relationships they’re invested in, so they stay more connected to the mission God has called them to.
  • A mobile version optimized for touchscreen mobile devices, so everyone can stay connected to community wherever they are.
  • Custom promotions that allow you to upload your own artwork and even target your promotions to specific demographics, and your promos will display in The City and in emails sent from The City. We’ll even track the number of views and clicks for you!
  • Anything you post in The City can be shared to people outside your church through a public website called the Plaza. From there, it’s easy for people to share with their friends through social networks like Facebook or Twitter. It’s also simple to import an RSS feed from the Plaza into any website.
Groups are key

Create a protected space for every leadership, volunteer, or small group in your church, making it easy to coordinate messages, communicate schedules, share files, and build deeper relationships.

  • Flexible group structure that adjusts to fit the size, shape, and needs of your church.
  • Clear oversight of groups with built-in participation and engagement reporting, so you can enable grassroots ministry without sacrificing Biblical authority.
  • Built-in reporting means you’ll always know the pulse of life in specific groups and your church as a whole.
  • The City’s Seed Groups feature gives people in your church the ability to create groups around special interests and ministry callings. Seed Groups are unofficial, but still connected to the pastoral care and oversight of your church. So you can enable and shepherd the spontaneous, grassroots ministry of your whole church.
  • Turn any computer into a connection kiosk to help newcomers and disconnected members get connected quickly into the life of your church. An integrated Connect Group matches newcomers with your assimilation staff or volunteers, so they can help them find just the right group to join.
Administration is simple

The City includes powerful administrative tools that connect to ACS and help you customize the experience of your City. It puts reliable information at your finger tips and keeps you focused on your ministry and the lives you touch.

  • Integrated import/export tools make it easy for you to maintain a reliable database and put your data to work whenever you need.
  • Built-in participation and engagement tracking, customizable metrics, and to-the-minute giving reports ensure you will always have the information you need to lead your church well.
  • Distributed authority makes it easy to delegate administrative roles, and provide granular permissions and security levels for administrative tools, with minimal training required.
  • Design tools help you reinforce the identity of your church and build a highly-valued channel for communication and community.
  • Create up to 20 custom data fields to store additional participant information.
  • Bulk import and update tools let you quickly bring existing participant data, including membership status and history, into The City, and a built-in Process Manager streamlines your membership process.
  • Create processes for membership, spiritual development, discipleship, leader development, or any other administrative process, all with built-in reporting and data management. Embed audio, video, readings, assessment questions, and interviews to better lead, serve, and equip the people of your church.
Additional Community Features
  • Process Manager
  • Related Groups
  • Bible Reader
  • "Seed" (unofficial) Groups
  • Journal
  • Share Life Stories
  • Job Board
  • Needs and Prayer Lists
  • Open APIs/Webhooks

ACS + The City

ACS informs your staff. The City connects your congregation.

As a bundled solution, The City and ACS equip your whole church for ministry in meaningful ways. With an average adoption rate of over 90%, The City is the most effective church engagement software available. And because it integrates with ACS People and ACS Contributions, you can simultaneously manage both your staff's needs and congregation's needs together.

You need both.

Your Church needs to connect and inform staff, pastors, volunteers and members by giving them safe and secure access to vital information and each other. The City, in combination with ACS, gives you this ability. Information is updated in real time so whether you’re looking for a family member’s name for a hospital visit or you want to check the amount of your donation from yesterday, it’s online and available whenever you are.

Find Out More

Please visit The City's site to start exploring and see how it can engage your church community.

Go to The City site

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