Manage Your Data Better
for a Healthier Church

The most important resource for a church is the information it collects regarding its members, visitors, and operations.

When used to its full potential, church data has the power to measure the health of your church and motivate action. But you must have the right tools and a plan to properly capture and track data, and then define next steps for your members.

Posting attendance is important. But what do you do with that information? Check-in is crucial for security, but how are you using that data? eGiving has great potential to grow giving in your ministry. But is it integrated with your ChMS?

With Realm, a new approach to church management software, you see real data in real time. You can see who is involved in what, when they attended, and then give them next steps so they can grow in their discipleship journey. Checking in kids, teens, or adults to events or Sunday morning activities? Realm automatically posts attendance as you check people in. And eGiving seamlessly integrates with Realm, making it so much easier on your staff Monday morning.


Watch this video to learn how churches like yours use Realm to make the most of their data.



Check out our free guide to learn how, with Realm’s help, you can:

  • Get a quick snapshot of church activity using Realm Dashboards
  • Gauge the health of your church
  • Visualize your information with custom views and reports
  • Take action, right from within the data
  • Get your members and visitors engaged and moving forward


Download our free solution guide to see how Realm can help you make the most of your church’s data.

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