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Thank you for pioneering a new era of church ministry. You have proven a connected church can do more together and have taught us a lot. We've learned what worked and what could improve, so we've taken the very best of The City and put it into Realm—our comprehensive ministry platform that provides administration, operations, and connected community all in one system. You’ve been a huge part of the success of The City. We're extremely grateful for the part you have played, and now our focus shifts to the future. Therefore, it's with gratitude and excitement that we officially announce our plan to end the sales, development, and support of The City effective the end of February 2019.

The City is transitioning to Realm.

This is a new beginning.

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We would love the opportunity to keep doing ministry together. The City has reached the end of its technical lifespan, but its vision and purpose live on. Its torch has been passed to Realm®, a newer ministry tool engineered to grow and adapt to the ministry needs of churches well into the future.

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Introducing Realm

The City gave birth to Realm®

We've made administration, operations, and community even easier in Realm. It includes a free mobile app, a cleaner online user experience, and several improvements based on what we learned with The City. And it must be working because the Realm user base is already twice as large as The City ever was!

  • Mobile


  • 100% Online

    100% Online

  • Rapid Development

    Rapid Development

  • Easy to Use

    Easy to Use

  • Pay as You Go

    Priced Right

Hear from churches that have made the move from The City to Realm.

  • "Our people are finding Realm easy to use and easier to navigate than The City. Adding people to groups is so incredibly easy and the reporting is a dream. Online payments is also easy and the Realm Connect app experience is excellent."

    – Jonathan, Small Groups Pastor, TX

  • "We were using The City for engagement in our church. But with Realm, we now have the ability to control the administrative functions too. We’re excited to enhance our communication within our church family with a 21st century tool."

    – Dave, Pastor of Ministry Leadership, IA

  • “Our transition from The City to Realm was smooth. Realm itself is extremely user friendly, and allows us to empower our ministry volunteers and leaders with more resources."

    – Dina, Office Manager, OH

  • “We love that all of our systems are now in one place. Moving from The City to Realm has created efficiency. Realm has allowed better care of our large congregation and opportunities for closing the back door."

    – Jenn, Director of Ministry Process Development, PA

Realm surpasses what we can do with The City.

    • Integrated ChMS Back-end

      It's an all-in-one solution. The staff and congregant's interfaces connect to a powerful administrative back-end.

    • Improved Giving

      People can set up recurring gifts, send in donations via text, manage pledges, and so much more.

    • Universal Check In

      Check in is not just for kids anymore. Use check in for your registration events, classes, or volunteer kiosks.

    • Enhanced Reporting

      Realm provides stronger reporting, custom queries, and multiple different dashboards for key areas of your ministry.

    • Integrated Accounting

      Now in one system, you can process gifts, event payments, batch entries, check scanning, funds, budgeting, and more.

    • Connected Congregation

      Keep your congregation, small groups, and staff connected throughout the week wherever your ministry may take you.

Just say, "When."

Tell us when you want to make the move, and we’ll make it happen for you and give you the keys to your new experience in Realm. We'll do all the heavy lifting and make it super easy for your church. All you need to do is tell us you're ready.

…and we'll start the process.

    • Step 1

      Talk to Us

    • Step 2

      Set a Convenient Timeline

    • Step 3

      We Move Your Data Over

    • Step 4

      Get Guidance & Training

    • Step 5

      Launch Church-wide

    • Step 6

      Personal Follow-up

Watch the webinar we held specifically for The City clients.

You set the timeline. We provide the help.

Plus all standard charges to convert to Realm will be waived for The City clients.

That's right, there's no charge to move from The City (or ACS + The City) to Realm®. We will convert your data from The City into Realm, which includes profiles, families, check in, giving, groups, and more. All you have to do is invite your congregation to use it.

Simply decide when you want to move, and we will:
  • Waive all setup fees
  • Waive all data conversion fees
  • Offer rollout guidance and coaching
  • Move your data for you
  • Invite you to a free training webinar
  • Point you to helpful resources

We're confident you'll love Realm, and we're ready to help you make the move. Simply fill out this form, and we will contact you to go over the details.

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