• Inspiring stewardship in your church isn’t easy.

    We’ve got you covered. Teaching your people to give doesn’t have to be difficult. That’s why we’ve put together this toolkit - to equip you with ready-to-use stats, quotes, graphics, and resources to inspire your church to volunteer and give.


    What’s Inside?

    30 Stewardship Statistics: A collection of recent, relevant statistics around the three topics of time, talent, and treasure. They work well as standalone media or can easily be incorporated into sermons, videos, and more.

    28 Stewardship Quotes: Sometimes it’s helpful to have someone else help make a point. These quotes are curated for you to utilize when you need that helping hand. Like our statistics, they are usable as standalone or as part of a broader campaign.

    19 Stewardship Videos: We’ve curated videos from a number of different third party sources to help reinforce the power of generosity. The majority of the videos are short-form, making them ideal for inclusion in a sermon or for your social media feed. A handful of longer videos are included for small group formats to spur robust discussion.


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