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Data Services

Services to help you import, clean-up, or structure your data.

Our clients frequently ask us for assistance with their data after they have experienced some sort of change or event. In fact, unlike most software providers in our industry, we have well-trained experts who continually help our clients solve matters regarding their unique data management needs. Data Services helps clients address specific issues related to their actual data and database files, whereas Client Support exists to help our clients with questions about using our software.

Data Conversions

Automatically import your existing data into PDS.

If you are concerned about manually entering a large volume of existing information into your PDS product, Data Services can help you. We offer data conversion services to clients who recently purchased an PDS product and don't want to lose or re-enter all the data history in their existing programs.

Merging Databases

Merge disparate ACS databases into one system.

If your parish has PDS Church Office, Formation Office and/or School Office programs running independently of each other or you if have two or more parishes sharing one pastor or administrative office, you may want to merge these databases so that it can be managed from one PDS Office program while continuing to keep each church's membership separate for reporting. We are able to merge databases together from different PDS Office systems into one. The process takes teamwork between the Data Services team and the people in your organization. Typically, work has to be done in the system after the files are returned to you. Through the entire process, we are here to help address any questions or issues that may arise before or after the merge.

Data Scrubbing

Detect and remedy any information in a database that has some sort of error.

Data scrubbing, sometimes called data cleansing is the process of detecting and removing or correcting any information in a database that has some sort of error. This error can be caused by data being entered inaccurately, incompletely, and/or improperly formatted. The Data Services Team already does an extra level of quality by doing the basic clean up on names, address line 1, address line 2, city, state, zip, date fields and telephone numbers. Our data scrubbing process consists of manipulating data that is not in a correct format that we can easily bring over to our software, for example: Group information including activities and/or classes, user defined fields and categories/lists. This process also entails cleaning up the data so the data is consistent. For example, you have a user defined field called Occupation with values of Admin Assist, Adm Asst, and Administrative Assistant with this service they would all be changed to Administrative Assistant.

PDS Version Upgrades Installation

Data Services can even help you update your system quickly and efficiently if your version is older than the current version of PDS and you decide to upgrade.

More Options

If your data management project requires additional programming, one of our trained Data Conversion Analysts can provide technical assistance to help extract data beyond basic personal information or from a separate data set in more than one program. Get more details in the Client Portal about our Data Services Options

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