Is The City a church management systems (ChMS) and how does it work with ACS?
Although it could work for some churches, it was never intended for The City to be church management software. While The City does help you simplify church administration and provide you with a robust database, it’s very different from what you may expect from a traditional church management system. Rather than approaching data from the administrative side of things, The City provides an engaging platform for communication and community—building a living, social connect to your ChMS database along the way.
Does The City have a mobile app?
Yes. The world has gone mobile, and so has The City. We have both an iOS app as well as an Android app free for download from their respective stores. And because we have these great apps available, one of the fastest areas of engagement we see is through the mobile app. Churches that are rolling out The City today with the mobile apps have a tool that wasn't available in previous years. And as a result, they are putting something in the hands of their congregation where they can do ministry from anywhere at any time.
Does The City replace our church website? How is it different?
No. While The City’s public-facing “Plaza” does allow your church to publish City content to the public Internet, it isn’t intended to replace the role of a typical church website. Many churches have had great success integrating content from the Plaza into their public website using JSON feeds. We can help you with that if you are interested.
Our church is already using Facebook, do we still need The City? How is it different?
Yes. Facebook is a good tool for your church, especially as you seek to reach people who do not yet attend your church. However, there are a number of advantages for using The City over Facebook as the place for your church community to gather and share life online.
  • The City provides a secure, private space where the people of your church can connect in real-life communities and share life knowing that their privacy is protected.
  • The City allows you to create groups for all the ministries and communities that make up your church. Communication and content in these groups are accessible only to members of the group.
  • The City gives your leadership team incredible insight into the health of your church body, and provides an array of features for communication, leader development, reporting, and administration.
Does The City integrate with Facebook or Twitter?
Yes, and yes! You can choose to connect your City account to your Facebook and/or Twitter account, allowing you to choose to simultaneously update your Facebook or Twitter status (or both) when you update your City status. You can also use the #tc hashtag to push your Twitter updates into The City.
Does everyone need to create a login to use The City?
To create a post you have to log in, but you can receive and respond to posts directly from email. People who don’t have Internet access or who don’t want to create an account for The City can still be added to your user database as "offline users."
Does The City provide customizable levels of security to access various information?
Yes, The City allows you to assign people various privileges based on their roles, responsibilities, and authority within your church. Even within your leadership team, it’s simple to assign just the right level of access to just the right people.
What browsers do you support?
People can access the full site from any modern web browser (e.g. Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer 7 and up) on any connected device.
Can children use The City?
We are in full compliance with COPPA principles, and we are committed to the safe protection of your children online. Currently, we do not allow children under 13 to create or maintain an account on The City. For children between the ages of 13 and 18, we have created additional safeguards to help parents maintain the safety of their children.
How does The City send and change our church communication?
By providing an engaging yet non-intrusive context for the people of your church to communicate, The City creates a high-value, multi-layered communication platform that enables broadcast, group-specific, and interpersonal communication without the need to maintain mailing lists or directories.
Can pastors/leaders monitor all communication in The City?
No. The City is built on the concept of delegated authority, meaning that leaders of groups are delegated the authority to oversee the activities of their group. Pastors/leaders are given general insight into the amount of activity in each group, but do not have access to the specific content unless they are members of the group.
Is communication in The City private?
Groups are a key component of The City, enabling targeted communication to the relevant audience. Within a group, all communication is by default private to just the members of the group. The City also allows people to share posts from their group to other groups, but with a clear indication that the item is shared and accessible to people outside the group. Outside the group context, The City allows private messaging between 2 or more people. As with any method of communication, personal discretion is advised in the sharing of sensitive information.
Does The City allow communication with people who don’t have accounts?
Yes! Your church can choose to allow people to post to The City Plaza, a publicly accessible website that people outside your church can see and interact with using their Facebook credentials. It’s easy to share content from The City Plaza to Facebook, too.
Does The City integrate with SMS?
Not at this time.
Does The City integrate with other software systems?
The City does provide several options for importing and exporting data (primarily through CSV import/export), but we don’t currently facilitate active data exchange with other systems. Are we working on it? Yes.
Can we import existing data into The City from another software system?
Yes. We offer several options for importing existing membership data, but one primary advantage of The CIty’s database is the reliability of information due to the fact data is supplied by the people of your church in the context of their real-life community. As the people of your church join and engage in communication and community through The City, your database will grow quickly and with very reliable results.
Can data be exported from The City?
You sure can. It’s easy to export a CSV file of all your City participants (along with a broad array of personal information) any time you want or need to.
What types of reports are available in The City?
The City has a number of useful reports built-in that you can run on demand. In addition, we also allow you to export a robust set of City participant data in CSV format that can be quickly sorted and filtered to create more specific, custom reports.
How do I get help if I need it?
The City Helpdesk is open all the time, giving anyone in your church access to our knowledge base and an array of training resources. If you run into a bug or can’t find a suitable answer to your question in our Helpdesk, you can submit a ticket and one of our support ninjas will respond quickly (usually within one business day) to help you.
What training options are available?
Yes, we do. In addition to the training and information resources in our Helpdesk, we have a team of knowledgeable trainers and consultants who can work with your church to build skills and inspire your team for success. Whether it's connecting over the web, or visiting onsite at your church, or having your staff join in a regional boot camp training session, we aim to provide the right resources at the right price to help your church succeed. Visit Training to discover the best option for you.
Do I need to send people to training?
The City doesn’t require “training” in the traditional sense. In the Launch Process, we provide a wide array of resources to help your core team and leaders get up to speed quickly. Additionally, The City Helpdesk is available anytime and contains all of our training materials and resources, so anyone at your church can find help if there’s something they don’t understand.
Does The City offer on-site consulting?
Yes, in fact, onsite consulting is included for churches with 800 or more attendees. For churches with fewer than 800 attendees, onsite consultation can be purchased if necessary.
Do you offer user documentation?
For the majority of people in your church, The City should be very intuitive and easy to grasp as they start using it. We’ve even built-in some help for getting started. Of course, some roles within your church will require some additional knowledge, so we provide an array of resources to you through our Helpdesk.
How reliable is The City?
Over the past 2 years, The City has a record of 99.9% uptime. That works out to a total of 8.7 hours of unplanned downtime per year. In the IT industry, that’s a pretty great record.
What about questions that are specific to our church context?
When someone clicks the Help link in The City, they have the option to “Ask a church leader for help” or to “Go to The City Helpdesk.” The first option will initiate a message between the requester and a designated leader at your church. Whenever we receive a ticket that is better answered by a leader at your church, we simply let the requester know how to go about getting in touch with one of your leaders.

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