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Sure, we’ve been making software for over 40 years, but that is not what we do. We’re here to help ministries change lives, and if our software plays a part in that, we couldn’t be more honored.

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Parish Data System™

With PDS OnDemand you can get all the great PDS features you love in the cloud to work anytime, anywhere.

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Realm® ChMS

Realm® creates new opportunities for everyone to participate in the blessed ministry of The Church.

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Key Differences

What you choose depends on what matters most to you. Here are some key differences between PDS OnDemand and Realm.​

PDS — PDS has been around for over 40 years, and it has gone through its fair share of evolutions. It has consistently adapted to whatever the most currently technologies have been at the time. Once upon a time it was on a DOS system, then Microsoft® Windows®, and now PDS is installed on remote machines that you can access over the internet. It’s the most mature ChMS for Catholic parishes hands down.

Realm — Realm is very different. It has been natively built to be accessed online, either through a browser or from a smart mobile device. And like all web-based software, all you need is a login, and you’re set. It works across multiple devices and is super simple to access and use.

Both ministry tools are not installed on your computer and require an internet connection, but the way you connect to them is very different.

PDS — PDS requires some software that establishes a remote connection to a computer that we keep updated for you. It’s not complicated, but it falls under the virtual access category.

Realm — Realm is 100% online, so all you need is your browser and a login.

PDS — PDS is 100% for your parish staff or for diocesan office staff. 

Realm — Realm has multiple levels of defined access. While in practice it may be something a parish staff uses day in and day out, it is also designed to provide your parishioners access to things that matter to them. Lay leaders can also accomplish different tasks to make their job easier..

We maintain both platforms diligently, but due to the nature of the software type, the timing of the releases is a little different. We update Realm about every two weeks and PDS every six weeks.

PDS — PDS does not have a mobile app yet, but we’re working on it. The goal is to provide greater mobility to access the information you keep in PDS.

Realm — Realm comes with two free mobile apps. One app is for your pastoral staff to have easy access to parishioner information and for making notes on the go. The other app is for your parishioners to connect with each other throughout the week, get church news, communicate with groups, RSVP to events, give tithes and offerings, and keep up with overall giving.

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