Contribution Records

Enter contribution details quickly and accurately.

Giving Dashboards

Get deep insights, at a glance.

You don’t always have time to dig deep into the data, so Realm serves up meaningful, actionable—you might even say beautiful—insights through your own personal giving dashboard.

Realm feature - giving dashboard
Realm feature - Year-end Statements

Year-End Statements

Enjoy more free time next January.

Realm takes the hassle out of year-end statements. It can export statements as PDFs to be mailed, or you can save some time and money by emailing statements out to anyone who has given you their email address. Realm does it all for you and summarizes the whole process for you on one screen.

Contribution Batches

Multiply your efficiency.

Give your financial staff the ability to quickly record, manage, and track contributions, whether through automatic posting of online gifts, rapid entry of cash and check donations, or importing from other systems.

Realm feature - Contribution Batchs

Check Scanners

Scan multiple contribution checks at once.

Quickly and accurately enter large volumes of contributions. Realm’s check scanning automatically matches gifts to your donors and stores high quality front and back images of the scanned checks. Its intuitive design gets the job done fast and allows you to review all checks before posting. (Windows OS support only. Not compatible with macOS.)

CR-120 Check Reader

Canon CR-120 Check Scanner

Canon CR-120 Check Scanner
Canon Ink Cartridge

CR-150 Check Reader

Canon CR-150 Check Scanner

Cannon Cr-150
Cannon Ink Cartridges

Giving Receipts

Customize automatic thank you notes.

Realm immediately sends out a “thank you” email whenever an online contribution is automatically processed. Just add a personal note, and Realm will automatically add it to a standardized thank email. The email also provides a link for the individual to go online and review all giving history.

Realm feature - Giving Receipts
Realm feature - Year-end Statements

Staff Permissions

Control who can view or enter contributions.

Giving information is sensitive in nature. Realm gives you administrative control over who can view contribution information and also who can enter or post gift information. It’s all up to you and who you want to give contribution responsibilities.

Giving History

Use the past to build the future.

Full giving history is available to staff, providing a wealth of information to deliver insights, complete operations, and shape ministry. Plus, donors can easily access giving history and statements on their own.

Realm feature - Giving History