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PDS Formation Office
PDS - Catholic Diocese Church Management Solution with Formation Tracking

PDS Formation Office

Transform the management of your R.E. programs. Your church's Religious Education programs are key to the spiritual formation of the members of your parish faith community. You strive to provide the best possible R.E. for your parish community focusing at every level on catechesis, fellowship, service and prayer, and community services.

Religious Education Management Tools

PDS Formation Office™ is the easiest way to manage the details of your religious education program. With PDS Formation Office, you can organize student and family information, quickly see who is enrolled in each class/session, and coordinate large amounts of financial data from tuitions and fees to contributions and fundraising. You’re able to communicate with families and members via text messaging, email or printed materials. Use PDS Formation Office to take care of the details, and free yourself and your staff to manage the crucial human interactions at the heart of your institution.

  • Organize Student and Family Data
  • Track Student Progress and Attendance
  • Manage Tuition and Funds

Efficient Data Entry and Easy Look Up

  • Logical data input and easy record location allow virtually unlimited information on every individual. Standard fields like addresses, phone numbers, and birthdays combine with customizable lists and keyword data that you can create as a permanent part of the program.
  • Use your mobile phone or tablet to look up information “on the go.”
  • Personal records are grouped by family unit so last names and addresses are entered once for the whole family. Different last names or addresses can be easily changed for an individual while maintaining family relationships.
  • Store and quickly locate information for each student’s attendance, schedule, sacraments, background check results, ministries, talents, retreats, and other vital data.
  • Store and quickly locate information for each catechist’s schedule, contact information, certifications, ministries, talents, background check results, and other vital data.
  • Keep unlimited phone numbers and e-mail addresses for each student, parent/guardian, and catechist. Student records include data such as emergency contacts, medical alerts, or confidential comments. Limit confidential comment access to only the users you choose.
  • Import student, catechist, and family pictures from digital files.
  • Quickly locate records by first or last name, envelope number, phone number, address, or e-mail.
  • View each class’s schedules, attendees, meeting dates, and catechists at a glance. Create and analyze class listing, schedule, and enrollment reports with ease.

Processes Tailored for Speed and Precision

  • Post changes to student, family, and tuition/fees data automatically in bulk or one record at a time.
  • Save your Quick Post process selections for future use.
  • Use the one-time process for EFT payments when using Vanco.

Powerful, Easy-to-use Reporting

  • Choose from dozens of pre-defined reports to generate directories, produce lists and comparisons for analysis, and create mailings.
  • Design your own reports with content you define to meet your immediate needs.
  • Track tuition and fees accurately, completely, and securely.
  • “Easy Lists” let you instantly generate lists of students, classes, catechists, attendance, and other details meeting almost any practical criteria.
  • Powerful selections allow you to print exactly who you want in any report.
  • Simply check off the families or members you want to print or enter the selection criteria. Any field available for printing in a report can be used as selection criteria.
  • Use the PDS Catholic Directory™ feature to automatically compile all your facility’s information and statistical data to quickly generate your report for The Kenedy Directory (with which PDS has no affiliation).

Electronic Sacramental Register

Add the optional Sacramental Register feature for a searchable electronic database of all your sacramental records. This add-on feature makes it easy to quickly locate entries in your written registers and helps preserve your valuable records.

Comprehensive Gift, Donation, and Fund Management

  • Easily manage and maintain all your payment information and keep you and your students’ families informed of their payment records and histories.
  • Support for most EFT (Electronic Fund Transfer) methods gives your students’ families payment flexibility.

Online Student Registration Forms

Add forms to your website so parishioners can easily register students or update family information. Church can post blank forms for the general public or email parishioners and send them to a form that is already filled out with their information that’s ready to be updated. It very simple to do and PDS handles all of the data connection.

Customizable Security

The most important quality of a database is the security of the information entrusted to you. With Formation Office, you have the peace of mind of choosing who has access to each specific part of your data.

Mail Features

  • Use E-Z Mail™ to sort your first or standard class mailings. Print the qualification report, tray labels, and post office forms right from the program.
  • CASS certify mailing addresses on your own schedule over the Internet with PDS CASS It!™, an optional add-on feature.

Synchronize with Other PDS Products

Integrate seamlessly with PDS Church Office™ and PDS Sacramental Register™. Multiple programs share a single database. Enter an individual or family once; access and edit their records from any of the programs.