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Parish Data System

woman using PDS Parish Life

PDS Parish Life

An online parishioner portal for anytime access to your parish. Parish life doesn’t happen strictly inside the walls of your church. Give your parishioners ways to connect and contribute to your parish through the Parish Life parishioner portal. An easy sign-up process linked from your parish’s website makes it quick for your parishioners to start using Parish Life. A directory that’s never out of date. With parishioners updating their own information as needed, your parish… 

PDS - Catholic Diocese Church Management Solution with Background Checks

PDS Background Checks

Your parishioners want to know your parish is a safe environment for their families. That’s why we’ve partnered with Verified First to provide the most comprehensive background checks available. The integration into PDS makes it simple to run thorough background checks on anyone volunteering, working, or caring for the young people in your parish. Provide security for your parish. Give parents peace of mind knowing those caring for their children are properly screened. Protect your… 

PDS - Catholic Diocese Church Management Solution with Church Office

PDS Church Office™

People are the heart and soul of your organization. Understanding and managing the information about the people in your parish is crucial. You need to understand critical member information to efficiently manage donor activity, track and coordinate people and program participation, and simplify communications.

PDS - Catholic Diocese Church Management Solution with eGiving

PDS eGiving

Accept your parish’s collections and appeals online 24/7. Financial contributions are the primary source of funds for Catholic churches, so it’s critical your parishioners can easily and securely give online to your parish. With Online giving for Catholic parishes, you receive donations directly from your website. Parish Data System is pleased to partner with Vanco Payment Solutions as our preferred service provider for all donations and payment processing services. In PDS, your collections are always… 

PDS - Catholic Diocese Church Management Solution with Formation Tracking

PDS Formation Office

Transform the management of your R.E. programs. Your church’s Religious Education programs are key to the spiritual formation of the members of your parish faith community. You strive to provide the best possible R.E. for your parish community focusing at every level on catechesis, fellowship, service and prayer, and community services.

PDS - Catholic Diocese Church Management Solution with Sacrimental Registry

PDS Sacramental Register

Conveniently search an electronic database of all your sacramental records. The PDS Sacramental Register™ is a helpful addition to the PDS Office programs that makes it easy for you to quickly locate entries in your written registers and helps preserve your valuable records.

PDS - Catholic Diocese Church Management Solution with Facility Scheduler

PDS Facility Scheduler™

Remove the worry of scheduling conflicts for your church’s events and facilities. With PDS Facility Scheduler™, you can simplify the most complex scheduling processes, eliminate conflicts, and maintain regular communication with facility users. The result is that you never overbook or forget key details such as setup or cleanup requirements.

PDS - Catholic Diocese Church Management Solution with Ministry Scheduler

PDS Ministry Scheduler

Easily coordinate and assign ministers for various functions at weekend or daily liturgies. PDS Ministry Scheduler™ is a flexible and customizable solution for scheduling masses, allowing the administrator to establish preferences and adjust for conflicts. Take the chaos out of ministry scheduling with PDS Ministry Scheduler.

PDS - Catholic Diocese Church Management Solution with CASS Certify


Save money when you send large quantities of mail. PDS CASS It!™ provides your office with the tools to CASS certify mailing addresses to meet US Postal requirements for address verification. This helps you qualify for a ZIP+4 code, 5-digit ZIP Code, Delivery Point, or Carrier Route discount.

PDS - Catholic Diocese Church Management Solution with General Ledger

PDS General Ledger

A powerful accounting solution for your parish. Simplify the administrative tasks of financial management by providing a full accounting solution for your parish. This program helps your office comply with IRS and FASB requirements. From organizing a unique chart of accounts to running annual reports, PDS Ledger removes the worry and hassle from bookkeeping, allowing you to do your job quickly and efficiently.