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This year, Faithlife decided to get out of the church management software space and sunsetting parts of Faithlife Equip, including Sites, Live Stream, and core ChMS functionality.  We are here to support you and your ministry as you look for new technologies to keep your church moving forward.  Our solutions have helped the church for over 45 years and are not going anywhere and only getting better.

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MissionInsite reveals insights about the community around you, so you can move from data to decisions.

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An all-in-one tool to manage and automate your missions trip, retreat, camp, or conference, saving you 100 hours per event.

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Your website is the virtual front door to your church and is crucial for engaging your members and attracting new visitors.



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Higher Ground provides the stability, dependability, and scalability required for churches, dioceses, offices, and businesses to operate safely and effectively.

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& Payroll

You need easy-to-use tools that centralize your church finances. Manage everything from payables to payroll in a system created specifically for church finances.

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There is so much more!

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Ask about our eGiving, Background Checks, and Constant Contact offers

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Identify your community needs, serve people strategically, & invite community participation. Maximize giving potential, target the ministry-minded, communicate your mission story, and make informed decisions. To learn more, and save 50% OFF MissionInsite, click “I’M INTERESTED” below.


Realm® has changed how the church manages their ministry. It’s your connection to your staff, volunteers and community. It’s on the screens you normally use and available whenever you need it. Be part of the growing family of more than 10,000 churches using Realm to grow the Kingdom. To learn more, and save 50% OFF Realm, click “I’M INTERESTED” below.


Your ministry is all about the people; shouldn’t your Church Management System be too? Our priority is to bring you cutting-edge technology and tools to equip you to serve and bless the people that are your priority. And to make ministry easier. To learn more, and save 50% OFF MinistryPlatform, click “I’M INTERESTED” below.


Go Method is a complete event management tool that will ease the burden of planning missions and save you a guaranteed 100 hours for each event. You can launch trips on your custom landing page and easily manage applications and registrations including requirements, custom questions, file uploads, esigning, and approvals. To learn more, and save 50% OFF GO Method, click “I’M INTERESTED” below.


Refresh Websites is an extremely intuitive and easy to use web development tool that allows you to build a professional and welcoming website in just minutes where people can learn about your church and know what’s going on in your ministries. To learn more, and save 50% OFF Refresh Websites, click “I’M INTERESTED” below.


Higher Ground offers a complete evaluation of your network to identify vulnerabilities, such as unsupported systems or devices, weak password, or firewall issues. To learn more, and save 50% OFF A VULNERABILITY SCAN annual fee, click “I’M INTERESTED” below.


Demonstrate solid financial discipline to your members and vendors, automatically post deposits from contributions, organize finances by fund, record greater details, track income and expenses efficiently, plus so much more. To learn more, and save 50% OFF ACCOUNTING & PAYROLL, click “I’M INTERESTED” below.



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