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ACS Accounts Payable

Give your accounting staff the ability to:

  • Select a Cash or Accrual method in setup to determine how invoice amounts are reflected in General Ledger module.
  • Reduce payment processing time by interfacing with the ACS General Ledger module with automated entries.
  • Ensure prompt bill payments. Memorized invoices can be scheduled to become due on specific dates.
  • Process regular, recurring, or one-time invoices.
  • Raise the level of accounting accuracy.
  • Print multiple reports at any time, showing the status of payables and payable cash requirements.
  • Print checks at any time, and handle the issuing or voiding of system-issued or manually-written checks.
  • Print 1099 forms.
  • Print checks automatically by due date.
  • Provides a method for suspending or forcing the payment of any invoice, regardless of due date.
  • Each vendor can be configured to receive payment by check, online, or ACH (direct deposit).
  • Quickly file state and federal tax forms online with ACS Tax E-File, an optional service available within your ACS software.

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