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Provides full-service data security management with personal account monitoring from our LiveStor Support Team.

LiveStor is a remote, full-service backup and data security program designed to protect ALL your most valuable data files by automatically transferring them over the Internet and storing them safely in our secure servers. Ensuring that your data is always protected shouldn’t have to rest solely on your staff.

Automatically backs up your data whenever you want.

  • Backup any type of data file you want protected including documents, spreadsheets, pictures, videos, music, zip files and more.
  • Schedule automated backups so you don’t have to worry about forgetting to run them.
  • Backup files from multiple machines and multiple users.
  • Only your changed files are uploaded.
  • Backups are run as background tasks so you can continue working in other applications while your backup is being executed.
  • Monitor your backups from anywhere with Internet access.
  • Access detailed statistics and activity reports online.

Get back to full operations immediately.

  • Easily restore your data to its original integrity in the event of power outages, computer viruses, or any other unfortunate event.
  • Instead of waiting hours for physical retrieval of disks, tapes, or drives from an off-site location, LiveStor's Web-based restore option gives your organization the benefit of immediate recovery and the freedom to place resources on other projects.
  • With a common file tree display, you can browse to the file or folder you wish to restore, and then with a couple clicks of the mouse, you can select the exact file and version you want restored.
  • Easily incorporate restore testing into your disaster recovery plan.

Sleep well knowing your data is protected 24/7/365.

  • LiveStor uses an Internet connection to transfer your files to a secure server at a remote facility, where the architecture is constantly monitored for consistent temperature, humidity, water or fire detection, and an uninterrupted power supply.
  • LiveStor uses secure ports 21 (FTP) and 80 (HTTP).
  • With redundant network infrastructure, your data is always protected and accessible.

Full-service IT consulting is available to help you with any of your data management needs.

  • The LiveStor Support Team is available to assist you with installation and training to ensure your data backup program is set up right the first time.
  • All backups are monitored and reviewed by our LiveStor Support Analysts.
  • If backups are not successful or do not happen, our analysts will call you and walk you through the needed steps to get your data back to full protection status.
  • Dial into a team of support professionals whenever you have a question.


Item Details Price
Account Setup One-time fee $100
LiveStor™ Single installation (one computer only); Up to 1 GB of online storage $17.50/month
LiveStor™ Single or multiple installations using 1 GB - 5 GB of online storage $27.50/month
Additional installations per account Per computer $2/month
Online Storage Space* 2 GB Increments $3/month

*Account is billed according to total online storage amount used.

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